Shop Small This Christmas

Welcome to my Shop Small for Christmas post! When I asked for submissions I was inundated  – I have included as many amazing small businesses  and makers as I can, whilst ensuring the post doesn’t become a contender for War and Peace!

Decorating the Porch For Christmas

I absolutely love making the porch look pretty, especially for Christmas! Fairy lights are a given, all year round, but Christmas is the time for maxing out on the decorations! Two things you might not know about our porch as it looks like it has always been there It was added when we updated the […]


Well! What a hoo haa!! I have had so many messages from understandably concerned people, regarding giveaways,  I thought I would unpick it all in a blog post for everyone to read. I asked the question directly to Facebook & Instagram and you will find their reply at the end of this post. Let’s look […]