Embroidered Laundry Basket

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Both practical and gorgeous, these laundry baskets are hand made by artisans in Marrakesh from locally grown and sustainable dwarf palm plants. They are not mass produced in a factory, which gives each basket it’s unique shape and style. They are splashed with water during the weave to help make the palm more malleable for a tighter weave, resulting in a sturdy but flexible basket.

It is quite normal for there to be a dip around the top of the basket – it is not a fault, it’s how the final strip of palm is attached and all part of the weaving/ finishing off process.

They are allowed to dry and are sent to the seamstress to be embroidered and everyone is fairly paid.

Each basket is shaped before despatch but if yours needs reshaping spray lightly with water and pad it out with towels, pop it somewhere warm by a radiator or in the sunshine and let it dry completely – it’s really important you don’t leave it damp – the palm leaves much prefer being dry.

Your basket will be delivered in a sturdy bespoke box.

The baskets measure approx 40cm wide by 50cm tall and each one will differ very slightly to the image shown because they are handmade

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