instagram masterclass

Instagram Masterclass

Anyone who follows Sally will know what a treasure chest of warmth, wit and wonderful ideas she is. Anyone who doesn’t, will discover that about her from this jam-packed masterclass. If you want a wise, experienced, thorough, supportive and encouraging guide to how to get more out of Instagram, you’ve come to exactly the right place. Diane Kenwood, Journalist, editor and blogger at These Are The Heydays.


A Masterclass to Help You Nurture and Grow Your Professional Instagram Account – please note this is a download available immediately with the link on your order confirmation email.

There is always more than one way to get anything done in this world, and I know for sure there are a lot of people out there selling courses for Instagram. We all have our value and our own voice.

So why choose this Masterclass over any other?

I promise to share with you everything that I know and have found works for me.  I will share how I do and see things and equip you with the information I have learned over the last few years.

I have written this master Class for you from my heart. Using my own voice to help you along and give you the tools and confidence to you use YOUR voice.

Think of me like a recipe book . I will give you all the ingredients that I use, and your recipe will turn out differently. You may tweak things to suit you and that is exactly how it should be. If you find you do something in a different way to me, and it works for you – that is brilliant! I will equip you with the information you need so I can send you off with confidence to go your own way.

I wrote an extended blog post HERE about photography for Instagram. Within it there are some really helpful tips.


  1. Creating Your Professional Account Profile and Keeping it Safe.
  2. Writing A Killer Bio
  3. Navigating Around the App -including step by step technical information.
  4. How To PowerUp Your Posts
  5. Hashtags. Why They Are Important and How To Use Them
  6. What ALT Text is, Why It Is Important & Where To Use It
  7. Understanding The Business Tools Such as Analytics And How to Read Your Stats – this is where I share some of my stats with you.
  8. The Algorithm & Hints on How To Work With It.
  10. Planning Content and Staying Inspired if You Are Stuck
  11. Curating Your Grid
  12. Most Asked Questions
  13. How Do I grow My Account
  14. Should I buy Likes
  15. Third Party Apps
  16. Help! My Account Isn’t growing
  17. Re-shares – My Thoughts
  18. How To Share A Post To Stories
  19. Competitions/Shout Outs/Giveaways
  20. Tough Love
  21. Influencer Marketing
  22. #Gift #Ad
  23. Supporting Small Businesses
  24. How to Optimise Your Account For Your Bricks And Mortar Business
  25. Growing When the Business is Still an Idea
  26. Kitchen Table Businesses
  27. Selling Your Products
  28. Losing Followers and Why it is a Good Thing
  29. Getting Over The Fear
  30. Imposter Syndrome
  31. Confidence Boost
  32. Links to register interest for the next MasterClass and a discount code


I wrote this Master Class out of necessity – after countless messages sliding in to my inbox, asking questions about how to get the best out of Instagram. Whether you want to grow your account and market yourself and/or your skills, or if you are a small business and need to grow and use Instagram as a valuable marketing tool.

YES, I believe it will work. Everything I share has been tried and tested by me.  ‘How do you grow your account?’ is probably one of the questions I get asked most often. There are a few short cuts for a quick uplift, but hard graft is really the only solid way to build a genuine community that trusts you. A community that sticks around. Any large account you follow will have put hours of work in to reach the size they are. Instagram can absolutely be used as an aid for your business, no matter what business it is, but you will need to fan the flames and be 100% committed to doing it.

This is not a ‘course’ in the traditional sense. I have bought a few online courses for various things and realised I didn’t want to give you ‘homework’ or ask you to wait a week for the next session to drop in your inbox. I purposely didn’t use any course framework to write this as I really wanted to be authentically me for you.

I have created this Master Class to be delivered in one download that you can work through at your leisure, or rather like a Netflix Box Set – binge on in one go! The MasterClass is 69 pages long and I am so proud to share it with you.

It is presented in chunks that are clearly headed, so you can go back to any point at any time for a re-read.

You may feel you are au-fait enough to skip the early part, but I would suggest reading it as a refresh – there is always something to learn.

I really want to help you. I want to give you the tools you need to flourish and the confidence to use your own voice.

This is written for you, particularly if you have under 10k followers, from zero and up. My thoughts are, that if you have reached 10k then I’d say you know what you are doing!

I will guide you through the basics and help you to understand them, then I will take you further and share everything I have learnt, to help you grow.

I will share some of my stats with you – that’s the bit that we don’t usually get to see from other accounts which often means we have no ‘benchmark’. I am happy to share my stats with you to in order to demystify the numbers and I will explain in detail what all the numbers mean.

If your account is under 10k followers and you already know how to use the app but are finding it slow to grow, I am confident that you will unearth some valuable nuggets of info that help you reach the next level. Think of it like visiting a trade exhibition – there might be heaps of info for you to gather or, you might stumble across that vital nugget that transforms your business. Either way, it was worth going. You will all find different valuable nuggets within this Masterclass.

This Masterclass does not include any in depth detail about the use of Stories or IGTV. Stories & IGTV is a huge subject that needs its own program and will be available soon as a Masterclass Download.



I created this Master Class for anyone who might see themselves as an Instagram novice, or anyone with a small following already and who wants to learn more.

It’s for you if you already run a small business and want to utilise Instagram to its maximum as a vital marketing aid.

It’s for you if you want to create a strong and solid account and maybe one day want to create or launch that business idea that has been idling away in your head for ages, but as yet haven’t had the time/confidence/headspace/ to do it. A building block for your business, if you like!

It’s also for you if you want to switch to a Professional account (or maybe you already made that switch) and simply want to market yourself and grow your account to be able to reach/ speak to more people.

Maybe you already know your way round the app but are struggling to grow.

I will give you building blocks and insider tips and confidence to be able to go in any direction you like.

I will be diving in to some subjects quite deeply so at any point, if you feel I’m going too fast, practise the parts you do know until you are really au fait with navigating your way around the app and come back to it. Like anything, practice makes perfect and that takes time.

Maybe you already have everything set up and need hand holding through the app.

This Masterclass will save you time. You can most probably google everything and sift through all the info until you eventually find what you need, but I can save you the trouble and provide everything you need in one easy to access place.

To be completely clear, this Masterclass doesn’t include the vast subject of Stories or Reels

I wrote it in lockdown and although Instagram has changed in that time, there are still plenty of hints and tips to use in 2022. The course is now discounted to £35 but use the code Insta15 to take it to £20



  1. Niki (Blooming_niki) (verified owner)

    This is just fabulous .. I have a reasonable amount of following .. 10k is my goal (& above) .. I am going to learn so much from this masterclass & I am certain it will help me get there quicker .. with a greater understanding of an app I love so much .. I have in fact I have already discovered a nugget that I will utilise from now on .. its easy to read and understand .. this masterclass is something I will go back to again & again & again …. I’m looking forward to the next volume 🙂

  2. Sarah Parker

    Reading Sally’s Instagram Masterclass felt like having a conversation with a really insightful and informed friend over a warm cup of tea. Her guide to Instagram is packed with fantastic insights, top tips and ideas to help start up and grow a successful account. Sally’s masterclass has really helped give me nuggets of vital information and inspiring insight into her account, which in return has given me confidence to take a more professional approach to my own. Thank you Sally, loved it! Sarah @sarahparkerpics

  3. Rebecca Jamison (verified owner)

    Firstly congratulations to Sally!
    I have just spent the morning reading Sally’s Masterclass and it is brilliant! If you want a guide to help you grow your account, then this is it!!
    So many useful tips and l learnt so much, which I will be implementing to my page.

  4. Sophie

    Thank you so much Sally! A really useful and insightful masterclass, with lots of information but written in a way that is easy to take in and has a sense of humour to it! A great way to get your Instagram account off the ground, thank you!

  5. Carol Campbell

    I finished Sally’s Masterclass last night, I actually didn’t want it to end! I really enjoyed reading and being able to understand it and trying out lots of new tools. I thoroughly recommend it and know that I can go back and refer to it in the future. Thank you Sally!

  6. Claire

    The Instagram Masterclass really was an easy read with clear direction, perfect for small brands and people just starting out on Instagram or for those who need a refresher into how to get the best from their account.

    It feels like Sally is with you having a natter over a cup of coffee. Read in one go, I loved it Sally – you’re a gem. X

  7. Sushilla Done (verified owner)

    Just finished Sally’s Masterclass, I printed it out because I wanted to read it like a book, I know old school. Loved it, so much useful info, and as someone who loves following Sally on IG, I could ‘hear’ her voice as I read. I’ve already implemented some of the suggestions, maybe this will get me to the magical 10k I need for the swipe up! Can’t wait for the IGTV one, hope you’ve already started work on it Sally!

  8. Jules (verified owner)

    Those of us who’ve followed Sally for a while will know full well the power that Instagram can have in the promotion of charity work. In donating this course for the use of the charity I work for, Sally has offered a platform for learning the tools we need to develop an Instagram account that’ll work for us, to promote the work we do, to give us the best chance of attracting funders and – ultimately – to be able to offer more support to those families who are struggling to cope with the everyday challenges of parenthood.
    Thank you Sally … your words are read in ‘your voice’ and make so much sense! It’s an exciting start for Home-Start Craven’s Instagram journey and it’s blooming wonderful what you’ve done to help us! xx

  9. Susie Brindley

    On behalf of The Sporting Memories Foundation, I would like to say a massive thank you to Sally for her very generous discount code to access the Masterclass. As a small charity we are incredible careful with pennies but also recognise the importance of Instagram in helping to raise our profile. The masterclass is exactly what we need right now and gives us the confidence and knowledge to move forward on our Instagram journey and hopefully be more engaging as we develop our content and audience. It is well written, logical and offers very practical steps and suggestions that even someone who has been on Instagram for some time may not know. Thanks so much for helping us Sally! It really is appreciated.

  10. Liza The Angelic Host

    just finished the Masterclass which was (almost) as good as sitting at the kitchen table with Sal gaining tips and information about how to make my account work for me..will refer back and start using the tools available – thank you Sal for putting it together for us…beautifully written with an authentic voice…

  11. Josie Dayment (verified owner)

    I downloaded the instagram masterclass last night and couldn’t put it down! So interesting to read and countless hints and tips explained very clearly. My head been buzzing all day today with ideas which I can’t wait to implement for our two family run businesses. Thank you Sally!

    • Sally Hurman

      I am so pleased Josie, thankyou so much for taking the time to leave your message, much appreciated!

  12. Cat Swartland (verified owner)

    Just completed the Sally’s Masterclass! It was so interesting and informative. As a kinda novice on instagram……family photos, holidays etc it has given me the confidence and springboard to start up an account that promotes my freelance work. Thank you it has really helped and i have come away excited with lots of ideas. Added bonus is having the notes for later so that i can refer back to them.

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