Emergency Biscuit Recipe!


For when you run out of biscuits – which is a complete disaster and doesn’t even bear thinking about. (Bear, bare? I STILL never know which)
Here is a brilliant little recipe that takes 10 mins from start to finish – (I have been known to eat the raw mixture haha)
If you want, you can make it gluten and dairy free, by switching to the substitutes and it works just as well.
4oz butter – if you are Dairy Free – I use Arla Lacto free spreadable
1 tbsp Golden Syrup
6oz SR flour – if you are Gluten Free – I use GF SR flour from Marks and Spencer
1 level tsp Ground Ginger
3oz Castor Sugar

in a pan, melt the butter and syrup together over a medium heat.
Stir in everything else.

It will form a ball and come clean from the sides of the pan. Take it off the heat and wait for it to cool down a bit.

Then you can form lots of walnut sized balls and place on a baking tray – ALERT – they spread! So don’t put the balls too close to each other.

Bake for between 5 and 8 mins on G mark 4, 180 degrees or on the bottom shelf of the top oven in the Aga.
Take them out and let them cool for a bit before putting them on a cooling rack. The biscuits on the tea towel are gluten and dairy free, and they are slightly podgier, and had less spread, than the usual version pictured on the cooling rack – but they taste exactly the same.   They go lovely with a cuppa! Enjoy! Let me know if you make them and how you get on 🙂
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5 Thoughts on Emergency Biscuit Recipe!
    Vicky Brown
    27 Jan 2021

    How fab, soo quick, when I don’t buy biscuits, as I’m trying to eat less crap, they’re lovely and tasty, xx

      5 Mar 2021

      Thanks for such a great and easy recipe, exactly what I needed today. Yum! Added some extra ginger powder and crystallised fiery ginger for an extra kick!

    Lisa Alier
    29 Jan 2021

    I added chocolate chips sooo good 😌

    14 Feb 2021

    Couldn’t find chocolate chips but added chocolate honeycomb, delicious 🤤 thanks for the recipe 👍🏼

    25 Mar 2021

    Disaster no golden syrup in larder ( but 3 tins black treacle 🤷‍♀️!!! ) so have used maple syrup ! Will let you know the result !!!! Xx

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