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Each month I will share a Guest Post from someone whose life has been affected by blood cancer. Whether they be a patient, a family member, a friend. In remission, mid treatment, or even a doctor or nurse. I really hope this series will become a useful library for anyone who happens across it, and, for whatever reason.

As you know, my darling husband Gav, was diagnosed in January 2014, with an incurable blood cancer. Follicular Non Hodgkins Lymphoma to be precise.
I would like to remind you that incurable does not mean terminal. The word is often used instead of ‘terminal’, but actually, in our case, it means that we have to live with it, and treat it when and if it ‘flares’ . Many types of indolent blood cancers are the same.

For some patients, the only hope of long term survival is a blood stem cell donation, from a family member, or, more often, a stranger who is found to be a genetic match. If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that I work really hard to get people on to the stem cell register. 

Donating your stem cells is easier than you may think. In most cases it is much like giving blood. It’s that easy. And unlike giving blood, where your blood goes in to a blood bank for anyone who needs it, a stem cell donation is one on one.

You will be potentially saving the life of the patient who is your genetic match. Only you. Their life saved by you, how awesome is that. A few hours in hospital and a morning out of your life. To save the life of someone who would otherwise… well they’d die. And in many cases it offers the chance of a cure and a normal future for that person. Without you they would not have that chance. Blows me away. You can click here to find out how, and to sign up.

Anyway! Welcome to the series! I hope it gives many of you a voice. And I hope it is useful. If you would like to be featured, I would love to share your story, please get in touch.

Thankyou so much, love Sally xx



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