I realise this post is a bit ‘post’ our trip, but so many people have asked about it (mainly about where to find the BAGS) that I thought I’d put it all down on paper !
So, Bangkok, oriental setting and the city don’t know what the city is getting. (sorry, it’s only fair that for the full post, you also have that ear worm going round your head!)
So we stayed for 4 nights, in the very lovely Dusit Thani hotel. (which was a whole heap better than the brothel we stayed in 23 years ago, when we backpacked. I mean, 1 star would be bigging it up too much and I reckon we were lucky to get out alive haha)
The Dusit is a gorgeous hotel located opposite the Green Lung of Bangkok, Lumphini Park. It’s also really close to the Sky Train, which is vital for getting around. (The nearest station is called Sala Daeng and one of my hints would be, wherever you alight, make a written note of the station as you’re bound to forget on your return journey! )
So, I will get straight down to business by telling you where I bought my fake (no point in using a gentler word such a ‘faux’  ha ha it is what it is and it’s fake) Mulberry
There are literally hundreds of places to buy bags and other fake designer goods, markets, side stalls, shopping centres, night markets, all sorts. And in all cases, it’s a case of buyer beware. Just make sure you know what you are after, ideally before you go, as you might just get totally flummoxed and there’s nothing a Thai shop keeper likes more than a flummoxed, jet lagged and slightly confused shopper)
We decided (who am I kidding?! I decided and the boys tagged along) to go to the MBK Centre, as I’d done a bit of investigating online and felt that I’m not ‘man’ enough for the night markets!
The MBK is a MASSIVE shopping centre, that sells EVERYTHING. It’s really weird as they sell real designer goods too (on the upper floors ) and yet the fakes are all there too, after a while you stop seeing the fakes as fakes, merely as cheaper versions of the expensive ones upstairs! I can’t think of anywhere else in the world where the two things sit so closely together with out jarring. Or without someone being arrested!
So, catch the Sky Train (super easy, get a ticket from the lady in the booth, or from the touch screen map kiosk thingy, which is all in English and fool proof, and spits the tickets out after you have pressed all the right buttons and put your coins in. I promise, it’s easier than London Underground)
You’ll need the Silom Line and take it all the way to the last stop ‘National Stadium’ (football stadium here)
You will see the football stadium, and right next to it on the left, is a large shop called ‘TOKYO’ go down the Sky Train escalator and enter Tokyo
Walk straight through ladies wear, until you reach the escalator. Do NOT go up the escalator, turn left and exit Tokyo through the doors opposite Bata/Bates (can’t read my own writing!) Shoe Shop. Turn right and walk past all the cash points and keep walking. You will start to see lots of bags shops and it’s worth keeping an ear out for prices.
The shop I am taking you to is called  PHAROAH and it’s opposite Watson’s chemist. There’s KK next door, where my son bought a bag for his girlfriend, and MR BAG (?something like that) also along that stretch. Pharoah is quite far down, so don’t worry you haven’t missed it.
I bought a beautiful chocolate brown, butter soft, Mulberry and paid 2100 TBHT which is about.


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