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I thought I’d add a separate post about that infamous ‘will it fit’ cupboard from Instagram
When we were choosing our bathroom fittings, I really fancied a Victorian washstand type basin – our old basin had a fitted cupboard underneath, so I knew we needed alternative storage.
I had a lovely ten minutes admiring the gorgeous bathroom furniture on websites like Fired Earth and Neptune – have you seen – they are beautiful. But then I remembered we haven’t won the lottery – darn it – that gets right on your last nerve doesn’t it. haha
So I dragged Gav off to a car boot sale – just had a calling, so off we went to Ford Car Boot sale – it’s near Climping so we tookMolly and I promised on my honour that the two of them would be rewarded for their patience, while I hunted – with a long beach walk and a coffee later. Deal!
And just as a moth is drawn to the flame – I sniffed out the perfect little cupboard. I had in mind a double fronted vintage style cupboard with glass doors – and that was exactly what I found!
It was priced at £45 and after a quick barter- I paid the princely sum of £38. It was (badly) painted white so I knew it’d need repainting and fancied a really dark grey.

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I usually use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. –  you can see an earlier tutorial if you click the link.
The stall next to the ‘cupboard stall’ – happened to be someone selling Rustoleum Chalk Paint and they had a lovely dark grey, so I bought that too, in Graphite.

I had some lovely fabric already – I think it’s a Cabbages and Roses copy, and I bought it from a market for £9 (nearly fell over!)
The paint was easy to use – it did need watering down a bit as it thickened up a bit during the time the lid was off – So I had a little jug at the ready to pour the water in and then gave it a good stir. And it was fine.
The brilliant thing about chalk paint is that you don’t have to faff around with masking tape on the glass. It wipes off afterwards, with a damp cloth. Do it soon though, as the paint will harden off and then you’ll have a job – you can use a stanley blade if that happens.
For the inside I used Farrow and Ball’s Peignoir, as I had a bit left over from painting the bathroom.
I wanted to hide the contents so decided to make little curtains to go inside, then scrubbed that and got the staple gun out! Much easier and less hassle all round ! Haha!
So after a coffee and a jaffa cake, the paint was dry, and I gave it the lightest sand with a very fine paper, a little hoover with the brush attachment, and started waxing – waxing is my absolute least favourite job but it’s vital to seal the chalk paint. It improves it too, gives depth and adds a lovely sheen. If it feels tacky for a while, don’t worry – you could buff some more, with a clean cotton cloth. It hardens after a day or two anyway, and becomes waterproof.
Here you can see the difference that the wax makes.

I’d measured the cupboard and thought by all accounts, it should fit – but I wasn’t sure if it would swamp the room when we got it in there, but in the meantime, I quite liked it in the lounge!
Anyway! after bribing the menfolk in my family, they heave-hoed it upstairs and in to place in the bathroom. PHEW! it fits! And I am so pleased with how it turned out! For less than £50, too!

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5 Thoughts on Bathroom Storage – That Cupboard!
    Jan Willey
    9 Apr 2017

    YAY! You did it and it IS brilliant. You write just as you talk, with wit and lovely humour, I could read it all day. So please write some more asap.
    Congratulations and very best wishes
    Jan (@sunshine_and_stripes) x

    Carmel Minto
    10 Apr 2017

    Looks great… & I love that it was all such a bargain too X

    28 Jan 2019

    Looks absolutely brilliant Sally. Love the new colour! And such a bargain!
    Brilliant instructions too, must have a go at upcycling…….need to find something first though! xx

    Nanny Kim
    4 Feb 2021

    Fabulous Sally may I ask what wax you finished it off with ?
    I couldn’t see the photo either of what applying wax does to the after look that you put up
    It’s lovely x

      Sally Hurman
      16 Feb 2021

      Hi Kim – Annie Sloan has a couple of different waxes, I like the clear one best xxx Sorry the phot wasn’t there! Will have a look and see what happened xx

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