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Note on Affiliate Links – if you shop through my link, I make small commission on anything you buy, it doesn’t cost you anything –  the commission comes through via the brand. (it’s a tiny % and takes MONTHS to come through, obviously if you order a few things for sizes and send them back, the brand won’t want to be paying out  commission for returned items, so the commission doesn’t even start counting until the brand’s returns policy time has expired and in some cases that’s 90 days) If you oppose affiliate links, you can, of course shop though your own search.
If I click on a gorgeous item through someone else’s affiliate link, I think they deserve a bit of commission for tracking down and taking the time to share, and definitely if I DM them and ask if it’s true to size or whatever and they take the time to reply. Anyway! Transparency and trust is what it’s all about 🙂 I only link stuff I have bought,  or if there’s some fab thing I want to show you that’s so fabulous I have to share immediately! So you can be certain I actually like it and recommend it honestly. Ok that’s the boring bit over with. On to the fun bit.
S H O P P I N G …


3 Thoughts on Getting Stuff Done In Style
    22 Jan 2018

    Hi Sally can I ask where you got your beautiful striped scarf that you were wearing today please? I ❤️ It

      25 Jan 2018

      Of course! sorry! It is from @onefortycranleigh on Instagram xx

    Sharon Giles
    19 Feb 2018

    Hi Sally, I’ve been admiring the Kiss The Cook and Filthy Gorgeous signs in your kitchen and bathroom – could you let me know where you got them? Thanks so much, love your Instagram xx Sharon xx

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